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Quality for products, refined design, research for raw material. All this is Emma&Gaia, let your skin can fall in love with our fabrics.


SS23 • Emma&Gaia

Red Lable

Emma&Gaia takes great pride in unveiling the "Red Label" collection, an exclusive assemblage of meticulously crafted garments exquisitely filled with premium 100g goose down • 90/100. Whether your quest lies in acquiring sumptuously lightweight puffer jackets or elegant handbags, this collection encapsulates the epitome of opulence and sophistication. Rest assured, the "Red Label" guarantees unparalleled comfort without compromising on style.

Red Lable

SS23 • Emma&Gaia

New Collection

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Emma&Gaia's Sartorial Soul with our bold Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Discover clothing and accessories that will awaken your sensuality and showcase your unique style. Luxurious materials and vibrant colors ensure an unforgettable look that leaves a lasting impression. Step into a world where elegance meets individuality, and let our collection be the embodiment of your personal fashion journey.


Bold Simplicity

E&G's Essentials

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Amazing Bottom-up


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The art of fine dressing

Sartorial Cuts

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Quality is Sustainability

Production of high quality outerwear. For decades, they have earned a reputation for excellence thanks to their Italian craftsmanship, which is reflected in every garment they create.

While outerwear remains their flagship, Emma&Gaia has expanded their product range to offer an uncompromising total look experience. Each collection represents a harmonious balance of sophisticated style and unparalleled quality, from outerwear to knitwear, dresses to bags and accessories.

Their reputation has crossed Italian borders, and now Emma&Gaia exports their garments to 5 continents around the world. Their global presence is testament to their dedication to creating world-class fashion, appreciated and worn by people of taste all over the world.

Wearing Emma&Gaia, immerse yourself in the magic of a total look that expresses refinement, style and timeless quality. Explore their fashion universe and be captivated by the boundless charm that only Emma&Gaia can offer.

Florence - 1979

For You, Only the Best


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