Who we are


The three key values ​​of Emma & Gaia

Of sartorial extraction EMMA & GAIA thinks of a woman with an elegant and refined personality, but with a very clear idea of ​​what her wardrobe should be like.
Fabrics, accessories, details, finishes are elements that come together in a vision of universal style. Brand recognized for the excellent wearability that is close to "made to measure" despite being an industrial product.
The excellence of know-how with almost maniacal care transmits the energy and passion of GAILLARDO in each garment, a historic Florentine company that produces and distributes the EMMA & GAIA brand


GAILLARDO turns 40 in 2019. It was born as an artisan company in 1979, on the transformation of the ITALBAGS company established in the early 60s as a bag manufacturer. Throughout its history it has had various industrial developments that have directed it towards the production of coats and down jackets for women, a specialization that has led Gaillardo to intersect the excellence of artisan quality on an industrial scale. The structure has consolidated over time allowing the development of an important international production organization. The EMMA&GAIA collection project is part of a strategic plan to enter the national and international retail market.