Terms of service

ART. 1 - SCOPE OF APPLICATION 1.1 These general conditions apply to the online sale of products under the brand name EMMA&GAIA, carried out through the website WWW.EMMAEGAIA.store owned and operated by Gaillardo srl, with its registered office in SIGNA (FI), Via della Croce 2/a, CAP 50058, VAT number 05337141005.

ART. 2 - PARTIES TO THE CONTRACT 2.1 The parties to the sales contract are as follows: Seller: Gaillardo srl Customer: the individual who purchases one or more products through the website WWW.EMMAEGAIA.store for personal use and not for professional purposes or in the course of their professional activities, and has placed an order for EMMA&GAIA products.

ART. 3 - ACCEPTANCE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS AND ANY AMENDMENTS 3.1 By electronically submitting their purchase order, the customer unconditionally accepts and undertakes to comply with the general terms and payment conditions set out below. The customer declares to have read and accepted all the information provided, acknowledging that the seller is not bound by any different conditions unless agreed in writing in advance. 3.2 The seller is authorized to update or modify the present general sales conditions, including those governing payment and warranty, at any time and without prior notice. However, any modification will only be effective after it is published on the website and will not have retroactive effect unless otherwise required by law and/or regulations. 3.3 The customers who visit the website WWW.EMMAEGAIA.store must review these general sales conditions online before confirming their purchases. Therefore, the submission of an order implies full knowledge and complete acceptance of these conditions.

ART. 4 - CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS 4.1 The sale of EMMA&GAIA products is completed by the customer's electronic submission of the purchase order. The contract is inseparable and documented by the final order and the current general sales conditions in effect on the date of order submission. 4.2 Once the online purchase procedure is completed, the customer is required to retain a copy of the documentation referred to in point 2, on paper or other durable medium, as written confirmation of the contractual information provided by the seller.

ART. 5 - PRODUCT FEATURES AND PRICES 5.1 The products are offered for sale as described and at the price indicated on the website WWW.EMMAEGAIA.store on the day the order is submitted. However, the images and colors of the products for sale may not correspond to the actual ones due to the internet browser and monitor used. 5.2 The product prices may be subject to updates, so the customer who places an order must ensure the final sale price. Once the order for a product is placed, the price will not be subject to any variation. The prices displayed on the website already include VAT. 5.3 The prices indicated on the website do not include shipping or handling charges, which will be communicated to the customer before the order is submitted and specified in the order confirmation email sent by the seller, as provided in the following Article 6. 5.4 Any promotional offers, discounts, rewards, or gifts and their conditions of access indicated on the aforementioned website are valid only if confirmed by the seller in the order confirmation as specified in Article 7.


6.1 The customer may proceed to order the products of their interest. Once the product is selected, the customer must indicate the chosen payment method among those offered on the website WWW.EMMAEGAIA.store, as well as the shipping and billing information.


7.1 Payment for the purchased products through the website must be made using one of the accepted payment methods specified on the website. These methods may include credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, or other forms of online payment. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the chosen payment method is valid and has sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

ART. 8 - ORDER CONFIRMATION 8.1 After the customer has submitted the order, the seller will send an order confirmation email to the email address provided by the customer. This email will include a summary of the order, including the chosen products, quantities, prices, shipping and billing information, and any applicable discounts or promotions. 8.2 The order confirmation email represents acceptance of the customer's order by the seller and establishes the existence of a binding sales contract between the parties.

ART. 9 - SHIPPING AND DELIVERY 9.1 The seller will make every effort to ship the ordered products within the timeframe indicated on the website. However, the delivery times provided are estimates and may vary depending on factors beyond the seller's control. 9.2 The shipping costs will be communicated to the customer before the order is submitted and will be specified in the order confirmation email. The customer is responsible for providing accurate and complete shipping information to ensure successful delivery. 9.3 The risk of loss or damage to the products passes to the customer upon delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the delivered products and promptly report any damages or discrepancies to the seller. 9.4 If the delivery is delayed or becomes impossible due to circumstances beyond the seller's control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, or transportation disruptions, the seller will not be held liable for any resulting damages or losses.

ART. 10 - RETURNS AND REFUNDS 10.1 The customer has the right to return the purchased products within a specified timeframe, as indicated on the website or in the order confirmation email. The returned products must be unused, in their original packaging, and in resalable condition. 10.2 The customer must contact the seller to initiate the return process and obtain instructions on how to return the products. The return shipping costs may be borne by the customer unless otherwise agreed upon with the seller. 10.3 Upon receiving the returned products and verifying their condition, the seller will proceed with the refund of the purchase price, excluding any shipping costs, using the same payment method used for the original transaction. 10.4 The seller reserves the right to refuse returns or refunds for products that do not meet the specified return conditions or for any other valid reason under applicable laws and regulations.

ART. 11 - WARRANTY 11.1 The products sold through the website are covered by the statutory warranty provided by applicable laws and regulations. The duration and terms of the warranty may vary depending on the specific product. 11.2 If a defect is discovered in a product covered by the warranty, the customer should contact the seller to report the issue and obtain instructions on how to proceed. 11.3 The seller may choose to repair, replace, or refund the defective product, as deemed appropriate. Any costs associated with the warranty claim, such as shipping costs, will be borne by the seller unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer.

ART. 12 - LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 12.1 To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the seller shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of the purchase or use of the products, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data, or interruption of business. 12.2 The seller's liability for any claim arising from or related to the purchase or use of the products shall be limited to the purchase price paid by the customer for the specific product giving rise to the claim.


13.1 These terms and conditions, as well as any disputes arising from or related to the purchase of products through the website, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction specified by the seller. 13.2 Any disputes between the parties shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the specified jurisdiction.